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Director: Keith Arem

It’s impossible to believe we are alone in the universe. With an infinite universe of galaxies, containing billions of solar systems, it seems unimaginable to think that life couldn’t exist anywhere else but Earth.

But if life does exist elsewhere, where are they? How can the thousands of UFO sightings, blurred images, and distorted pictures offer no conclusive evidence, and high ranking officials claim they’re simply weather balloons, swamp gasses, or atmospheric phenomenon.

Why hasn’t our government told us the truth about is really happening in our skies above?

The Phoenix Incident is a journey into the terrifying reality of what may have happened on the fateful night of March 13, 1997 in Phoenix Arizona - The night of the largest mass UFO sighting in U.S. history “The Phoenix Lights”.

Through the course of working on dozens of military productions, I had the opportunity to meet with investigative journalists and military advisors, who provided me with compelling confidential information about the true nature of this incredible sighting.

Based on this information, I combined eyewitness testimony and actual events to reconstruct the incident of March 13, 1997, exposing the largest military UFO cover-up in United States history.

The truth needs to come out. We need disclosure.

-Keith Arem


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