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Phoenix Incident @Apple TV

The "INCIDENT" Interactive App for Apple's iOS is a 4-hour immersive experience, allowing the audience to investigate and explore the vast world of The Phoenix Incident.

Viewers can interact and customize their viewing experience, allowing them to dive deeper into the backstory and characters.


  • Advanced media player with multiple interactive video and audio tracks (including the main film, extended footage, supplemental audio, commentaries, and user comments and content).

  • The user can view supplemental footage. For example, the film may feature a three second clip from surveillance footage that the user can choose to watch in full and then return back to the film edit. This extra footage may be several minutes long, adding considerably to the experience.

  • The user can listen to cast and crew commentaries that are fully in sync with the main film footage.

  • The user can view other related “metadata” in the form of audio, video, images, links to external sources, and text.

  • The user can add comments and observations at various points on the various timelines. These comments are shared with other users (as a form of “user research”).


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