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Producer: Adam LAWSON

Producer Adam Lawson has over 15 years producing experience.

Arem and Lawson have worked together on dozens of commerical and interactive projects including Red Faction, Saints Row, and Dead Speed.

Lawson is the creator and writer of the horror TV series “The Survivor’s Club.” He previously wrote and co-produced the indie horror movie “The Gauntlet” ( KOL Entertainment) and the thriller “The Cardinal Code” (Tafsiri Entertainment).

He produced the feature film comedy “How To Make Love To A Woman” starring Ian Somerhalder and Krysten Ritter. Currently he is producing the game show series “TableTop” hosted by Wil Wheaton for one of the Google announced Youtube Channels Geeks & Sundry.

Lawson’s commercials clients include: Gucci, UHC, Activision, NFL, HBO, Spike TV, Cartoon Network, BOSE, Florida’s Natural, Hilshire Farms, Merge, Hunter Douglas, Southern Company, FVAP, Bausch and Lomb, Hallmark Channel, and more.


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