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Cast Profile: James  C Burns

James C Burns, simply put , is a working actor. He has appeared in hundreds of Film, TV and Commercial productions. The roles he chooses are diverse and familiar to fans around the globe. Best known for his live action work on Call Of Duty: Black Ops I & II where he portrays the iconic Sgt. Frank Woods. James has developed an international audience. His millions of fans voted him the 2010 VGA-Best Character award as well as the 2013 Character of the Year. Additionally,

His film work range from blockbusters like “TRANSFORMERS” to Indie gems like Werner Herzogs’ “MY SON, MY SON”. Fans across Asia recognize him from his roles in the Japanese hit films “JUDGE” and “HERO”.

He has been guest starred on dozens of TV shows like Hawaii Five-O, CSI:CYBER, Coldcase, Burn Notice, and General Hospital. In addition to the 2016 release of THE PHOENIX INCIDENT,

James stars in the teen comedy “SHOVEL BUDDIES” due out in June and COURIER X which premiers at the London IFF 2016 and has garnered him a BEST LEAD ACTOR nomination at that festival.


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