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Cast Profile: James L Brewster

James L Brewster Born and raised in Trenton, NJ, blah, blah blah. Let’s make this short! NYC notable early film credits include the cult classic horror films "Maniac" starring Joe Spinel ( Godfather, Rocky) and Hammer film queen Carolyn Munroe, directed by William Lustig which featured the art of special effects wizard Tom Savini, and "The Deadly Spawn".

Appeared in the original Jordache jeans commercial in 1979 and was the voice of Old Milwaukee Beer in 1980.

Relocating to LA in 2010. Wow, all those in between years?...way too boring…so, recently finished staring in a musical revue called “A Night At The Sands” as Frank Sinatra at the Sayers Club in Hollywood. Recent LA credits include Jello Pudding commercial principal, a cameo in the film “Waiting In The Wings, The Musical” starring Lee Meriweather, with Shirley Jones and Sally Struthers, an Indie film titled “Leap”, and a co-starring role in the new 2016 TV comedy series “Angie Tribecca” (episode #3- “The Thumb Affair”) starring Rashida Jones.

Come see me swing, I mean sing at Dear John’s Steakhouse in Culver City every other Friday and Saturday. But most of all enjoy PHOENIX INCIDENT!

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