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About The Phoenix Incident

February 6, 2016

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Questions for the Director Keith Arem

February 16, 2016


How did this project come about?

I grew up in Arizona and personally witnessed many unexplained events over the skies. The Phoenix Lights was the largest mass sighting in the U.S. and almost 30,000 civilians witnessed the incredible incident. It was an event that has become extremely controversial over the years, since the military claims the sighting was nothing more than flares dropped from A-10 Thunderbolts. The “lights” travelled from the Nevada border, across Flagstaff, then over Phoenix and disappeared over the Estrella Mountains. It’s difficult to believe flares could fly in formation for several hours over that span of distance. Even the State Governor and Senator John McCain launched investigations into the Lights. From my work in video games over the years, I had the opportunity to work with top military consultants, investigative journalists and correspondents, who offered insight into the actual events that night. I believe there was much more to this event than the public has been told by the government.


So are you a believer?

I want to believe that we’re not alone. I come from an engineering background, I work in entertainment, I love great stories, but I need evidence. It’s impossible to think we’re alone in the universe. It just doesn’t make sense that if life exists here, why wouldn’t it exist elsewhere?



What do you hope that the UFO community will take away from the film?

I want the audience to question what really happened that night. We want the government to provide full disclosure about what is happening in the skies above. We hope the UFO community understands our goal, and respects our creative license with this film to bring it to the public’s attention.



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